News & Notes

2017 in Review

I joined Friendship Sports Association Inc two years ago, and I was asked to do the review. Now as the newly elected secretary, I reassured you all that I will proudly fulfill my duties to the best of my ability within the guidelines of the association by-laws.

The Northeast winter has not been so mild, which result in one cancellation of our monthly meeting. In early spring some of the members visited our sister club in Hartford, Connecticut for culture exchange of games. Shortly after that, we were on our annual trip to Dutch Country in Lancaster, PA, where we saw the biblical story of Jonah.

In mid-summer, a few members went on an exploratory trip to Lake George, New York for a possible full excursion in 2018. This potential trip will be discussed in more detail in the new year. During Labor Day weekend we went to Niagara Falls and Toronto in Canada and visited the Lion Heart social club for their annual culture exchange of games.

Friendship Sports Association hosted our two sister clubs, Lion Heart Social Club and Jamaica Progressive Social Club during Columbus Day weekend in Boston for their cultural exchanges. Our election was in December where I was elected secretary. There were also other changes; Milton Daley was elected treasurer and Lascelles Lindo became chairman of the board. All other officers were re-elected.

Throughout the year we donated to other charitable organizations and business entities such as the Boys & Girls Club of Boston, Morgan Memorial Goodwill, American Red Cross, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Please join me to support all those who have lost loved ones this year or those who became ill. Friendship Sports Association stands with them and offers up praises on their behalf. I leave this quotation with you:

“Lord, as this year comes to a close, we give thanks for all you have accomplished in and through us. But by your grace, lift and open our eyes to see what is to come.”

I hope we all can work together for one common goal and may God continue to be with us throughout the year.

Your Respectfully

Beverley Licorish-King

December 23, 2017