News & Notes

2016 in Review

In early spring some members visited our sister association, Jamaica Progress League, in Hartford, Connecticut for their annual Spring Ball and dinner dance, while others went to their birth land for some rest and relaxation. Labor Day rolled along and we were off to the Mega City to the north Toronto and Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada. There we were entertained by Lion Heart Social Club. One month later during Columbus Day weekend we did the entertaining for both clubs here in Boston.

On Saturday, December 17, we had our Christmas banquet for our invited guest and members. We have our elections every other year, and at our January’s monthly meeting all sitting officers will take the oath again for another year.

We donated some of our proceeds to the usual charities on record, and this year added a new one “Smart from the Start.”

In closing, we accomplished 95 percent of our goals and we are looking forward to doing better in 2017. I would also like to thank all members and friends who participated in our activities, their generosity, gifts and hard work in 2016.


Ian F. Whyte